UPDATE: Blind Dog Gets Help From The Internet To Travel The World In Her Final Days

Written by: Regina Lizik

October 15, 2015

**Update December 5, 2015**

The foster home that took in Poly (the dog abandoned on a park bench) soon after her rescue will now be keeping her in what is more of a hospice situation, according to ABC News. Because of her numerous health issues, she has been given anywhere from two months to two years to live, but that doesn’t mean her life won’t be filled with everything a dog could want.

President of Forever Home Pet Rescue Jennifer Wales says:

Since she is nervous around new voices, we are trying to at least briefly expose her to more and more people so she can learn to trust again. She is playful and bouncy, not so much with toys as with people. But she can’t get too riled up for more than a couple of minutes or she will start coughing and faint due to her condition.

Poly’s heart issues, in addition to preventing her from participating in rigorous exercise, also make her pretty sleepy most days. She prefers to nap on her daybed with the other foster dogs and accepts all pets and belly rubs from anyone who’s willing to offer them.

And because her humans can’t take her on a traditional “bucket list” adventure, they decided that “Flat Poly” is the next best thing. The Flat Poly campaign allows anyone in the world to take “Poly” with them and photograph her at various locations. Simply cut out her image from the page provided and follow the instructions to help her travel the world.

So far, Poly has visited the Hollywood sign…

… won American Idol…

… flown on an airplane (no charge)…

… and has even enjoyed gelato in Venice!

Just because she isn’t able to do these things herself doesn’t mean Poly should have to sacrifice her own bucket list! She’s happy and safe in her forever home for as long as she needs it, and she deserves every belly rub she gets. To add your adventures with Flat Poly to the growing list, just tag your photo #FlatPoly, and to keep track of Poly’s adventures around the world, check out her Instagram!

Sometimes bad things happen, but a few lucky ducks will come across the very best humans—and this one is very, very loved.

H/t ABC News

**Update October 29, 2015**

Sweet Poly has been moved to her new temporary home at Forever Home Pet Rescue and is permanently free of the loud, stressful shelter environment. She’s a big fan of kisses (and burgers and chicken nuggets), and needs an extra special home that can handle her disability and medical conditions.

Poly’s original shelter provided a brief description of her preferences:

Poly does well with other dogs, especially those that are gentle and not rough players. She also does well with people and loves affection. We do not know how she would do with children.

Poly’s fund has reached its goal of $3,000, but donations are still being accepted on GivingGrid in case of a possible surgery. If the procedure is deemed unnecessary, the rescue will donate what remains to other nonprofit animal rescues.

We’re rooting for you sweet girl!

**Update October 16, 2015**

Pawesome news! Poly is being moved to Forever Home Pet Rescue on Monday, October 19 where she will receive treatment for some immediate medical issues including a heart and skin condition. Once the rescue deems her healthy enough, they’ll start the process of finding her a furever home!

You can donate to Poly’s care through Paypal using Forever Home Pet Rescue’s email address, [email protected], as the donation recipient.

We are so excited for Poly and the amazing new life she has in front of her. High paws and thanks to all of the wonderful humans who have helped to save this girl’s life!

**Original Story**

At the end of September, the Santa Barbara County Animal Services found Poly, a blind Pit Bull, abandoned on a bench. It was clear to rescuers that she had been previously used to breed puppies.

The sweet pup is terrified, but all she wants is to love and be loved. Sadly, her owner has not claimed her and no one has offered to bring Poly into their home and hearts. The rescue is desperate to find her a loving family.

poly 3

Kim Jenison, a volunteer for the Santa Barbara County Animal Services wrote:

“It’s now coming to the point where we need to ask for help outside our area, to find her a rescue that’s willing to take her and give her the love and attention she deserves and most importantly, a place where she gets to live out her life. She deserves to experience love, predictability, and for someone just to love her, because she really is that special.”

poly 1

Because Poly is blind, the sounds of the shelter are especially scary for her.

If you are interested in adopting precious Poly or are a rescue who can pull her from the shelter, please contact Santa Barbara County Animal Services Outreach Coordinator, Stacy Silva at 805-934-6981 or via email at [email protected].

h/t National Dog News Examiner, Featured Image via Poly Blind Pibble

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Written by: Regina Lizik

October 15, 2015

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