Blind Pug Becomes Courtroom Regular After Being Rescued By Judge

The story of this Pug’s rescue will make you want to hold your furball just a little bit closer.

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Mikey was recently adopted by Judge Sabrina L. Johnson in March of 2015 after Michigan Pug Rescue connected the two. The Pug had both of his eyes removed four months earlier after suffering from a severe case of glaucoma. He was experiencing pain in both eyes and hadn’t been treated very well prior to his rescue. Amazingly, these unfortunate circumstances haven’t stopped this tail wagging pooch.

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When Johnson first brought Mikey to her house, she took him around on leash about three times to acclimate him with his new home. Afterwards he was able to maneuver around without guidance. He knows where the doors are, how to find his food, crate and even his way into Johnson’s bed.

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When they go to a new place, Johnson takes him around on leash for a few minutes. He’ll bump into things in new environments and walk into a tree every now and then. After doing so Johnson explains, “He simply backs off, shakes it off, keeps moving and has really taught me a lot about how to life.”

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Johnson goes on to explain that Mikey loves to run, eat, and sleep just like any other pupper. Everyone melts when they meet this mush and it’s no secret as to why.

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Melina Giakas

7 years ago