Wiggly Pup Blisses Out During Belly Rub After Being Locked In A Basement For 2 Weeks

Victoria’s former owners told shelter workers that they’d kept her in a basement for two weeks — their lease didn’t allow her, they explained. They eventually brought her to the shelter about a week ago.


Staff at the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center, in Maryland, think Victoria is about 6 years old. In that time, she’s been been passed around between homes, and has given birth to some puppies.

They know for sure that the hippo-like sweetheart loves people, and cries when she thinks she’s being ignored, “even just for a second,”says Miranda Hitchcock, a shelter spokesperson.

“But when you’re petting her, her jowls flop and her teeth all show in that goofy, upside-down smile.”

After watching the video a couple dozen times, try to  imagine how happy you’d be, living with that kind of ridiculous bliss.

You don’t have to just imagine it — here’s Victoria’s adoption listing!

All images via Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center

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Arin Greenwood

6 years ago