Photos Capture Blissed Out Pups To Remind Humans To Embrace Joy

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 10, 2015

Photographer Alex Cearns was an animal lover almost from the moment she was born. She grew up in the outback of Australia where her father was a sheep shearer.

“As an only child, my constant companions were my dogs, guinea pigs, horses, rabbits and bottle-fed lambs. I filled every spare moment in the company of animals, becoming smitten with Australian wildlife as I explored nearby creeks and bushland.”

zen dogs 18

The love she received from these animals has stayed with her. She believes that animals are loyal and full of joy. They have a lot to teach us about how to live our lives. In return, she believes that we have a responsibility to care for animals in need.

“I feel obliged to use my photography to create awareness about rescue dogs, and to hopefully prompt people into taking action, like making a donation, volunteering at a shelter, or fostering or adopting a rescue pooch.”

To remind people of the carefree nature of pups, Alex took a series of photos she calls “Zen Dogs.”

Here are some of our favorites from the series:

1. “My dear friend, life is too short for you to worry about the past.”

zen dogs 14

2. “We’ve all got different spots. Love what makes you unique.”

zen dogs 8

3. “If only you knew how much I loved you.”

zen dogs 2

4. “It’s okay if you need to cry.”

zen dogs 6


5. “But it’s better to dance the pain away.”

zen dogs 7

6. “It’s time to experience the joy of the wind blowing through your ears.”

zen dogs 1

7. “Love out loud and love as much as possible.”

zen dogs 9

8. “Listen more than you speak. Be someone’s safe space.”

zen dogs 15

9. “Greet every moment with joyful curiosity.”

zen dogs 17

10. “Remember that life is simply beautiful.”

zen dogs 4

Alex’s favorite photo is not from the Zen Dog series at all. It’s a photo she took at the Taj Mahal.

She says:

“They weren’t interested in me at all, preferring to race around chasing each other, playfully tumbling all over the place without a care in the world.”

zen dogs Taj Mahal Dogs

Although this picture is from a different shoot, these pups convey the same message: Be yourself. Follow your heart. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your joy.

Learn more about Alex’s work at her website and follow her on Facebook for more of her beautiful photos.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

July 10, 2015

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