Dog Lost For Almost Half A Year Found Because Of NYC Blizzard

Cons: Snowmaggedon shut down the island of Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. On the plus? It helped return a missing pup to his home! Whippet Burt was lost in NYC in August. Though pup parent Lauren Piccolo posted flyers and set up a Facebook Page to help rally the community and coordinate the search, Burt remained missing.
  Then, about three weeks ago FDNY Lt. Dave Kelly spotted a slender dog around his station on Randall's Island. Kelly left food out for the pup, but found him hard to catch, since he would run away everytime he approached the pooch. Then, with the blizzard heading into NYC, Kelly redoubled his efforts to bring the dog to a safe haven, afraid the storm would be dangerous for the pup. Fortunately, with a little luck, a crate and food as bait, Kelly succeeded! [caption id="attachment_34337" align="alignnone" width="600"]via ABC News via ABC News[/caption] Once he had brought Burt to safety, he did some research online and found the Facebook Page Piccolo had set up. He contacted her, and Burt and his mom were soon reunited! As Piccolo posted:
  [caption id="attachment_34335" align="alignnone" width="600"]via Bring Burt Home Facebook Page via Bring Burt Home Facebook Page[/caption] Piccolo also later released a statement to the media:
"I am tremendously grateful for the efforts of the FDNY to recover Burt. Burt had been running loose in the city for more than five months and managed to evade capture by friends, family and many Good Samaritans. While Burt is a resilient dog, I don't think he would have survived such a fierce storm. The FDNY's efforts were incredible and timely! Burt is resting at home and is expected to make a full recovery."
Congratulations to Burt and Kelly! We're so glad this story had such a happy ending!  

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Lisa Bernier

7 years ago

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