When One Pup Needed A Hero Blood Donor, Mac The Dog Saved the Day

***The images in this post might be hard to look at, but the procedure was performed with the utmost care and prolonged the life of another dog.*** Somewhere in the world a dog with a blood-clotting disorder reached a critical stage of her illness. The situation quickly became an emergency and only a fresh blood transfusion would provide any treatment. Enter Mac. blood1 Mac has donated blood in the past, so when his owner learned of a dog in need with a matching blood type, the decision practically made itself. Aware of the ethical ramifications of making the decision for Mac---since there's no good way to ask---the owner shared on Reddit that "I was there with him when he donated. If he looked uncomfortable, upset, stressed or in pain I'd stop straight away. His health and well-being are top priority." blood8 After taking a blood sample to verify Mac's health, the technicians prepared him for the procedure by shaving his neck. The only vein large enough to provide the necessary 450 ml of blood was the jugular. blood3 The owner held Mac's muzzle to keep him from shifting while the needle was in place. Being an experienced donor, Mac held perfectly still for the procedure without any sedation. blood4 blood5 Though the procedure looks uncorfortable, it was entirely worth it. "The other dog did survive after spending the better part of a week in the ICU," the owner said. blood6 blood7 And what did Mac get for all his troubles? "Mac gets some free dog food, a free annual blood test and free blood products at the hospital should he ever need it," his owner said. "His favorite is the food." blood2 High paws to Mac and his owner! Hopefully Mac inspires others to live up to his example, whether hooman or doge.
H/t to Reddit
Featured image via Imgur

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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