Meet Gus, The Corgingus With The Bluest Eyes And The Worst Poker Face Known To Dogkind

Welcome to Dingus of the Week, our quest to introduce the world to the glory of these awkward dogs, one dingus at a time. Submit your dingus! Look, I am not going to beat around the bush. Gus has some of the bluest eyes I have ever seen. They are like literal sapphires. They are bluer than the ocean in a Sandals Resort commercial. Bluer than Amy Schumer's stand up special. Bluer than a depressed kitten in the rain. BLUE. It's almost too much. It hurts. Gazing into Gus's eyes is like staring at Cookie Monster's armpit. gus 1 If it is true that Blue is the Warmest Color, then Gus's eyes are on FIRE. gus 1 With eyes like that, why close them? Ever! Even if you may or may not be sleeping! gus 1 They say that eyes are a window into the soul, and that couldn't be more true for Gus. You do not want to bring this dog to Vegas because those baby blues tell all. It doesn't help that he has the Fall Out Boy circa 2006 eyeliner look going on, which really makes emotion pop. gus 1 Oh you're cool, Gus? You're not scared at all? You know, for some reason I don't believe you. gus 1 So let me get this right, you don't think that lady Corgi over there is pretty? Yeah, that makes total sense, because you're playing it really cool. gus 1 I just can't tell if you want this treat. gus 1 I'm not even going to ask if this belly rub feels good. gus 1 Really? You're REALLY going to tell me that nothing is the matter? Who do you think you're fooling, Gus?? Who could you possibly be fooling? gus 1 It's just not hard to know what Gus is feeling. Especially when he is throwing shade with some very serious doggie side eye. gus 1 Truly savage side eye. gus 1 But no matter what emotion Gus is ineffectively hiding, you will always just be lost in the magic that are those two drops from Jupiter. And that's something to smile about. gus 1

Dr. Katy Nelson

5 years ago

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