Bonded Bully BFFs Spent 10 Years Living In A Shed – Let’s Help Them Stay Together

Reviewed by Dina Fantegrossi

March 5, 2016

For the past decade, Tank and Chula have not seen the outside of a dilapidated shed or the tiny pen that surrounds it. Together they have endured the frigid Illinois winters and muggy summers outdoors.

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Recently their owners surrendered Tank and Chula to the care of  Waukegan Animal Control. Both hippo-bodied Bullies are intact males. Their neutering and veterinary care are being generously donated by the Bickell Foundation.

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Waukegan Animal Control is in search of a licensed rescue group to take them in as a pair. Tank and Chula are extremely sweet boys who have become incredibly bonded to one another over the last 10 years. Separating them now could be devastating.

A YouCaring Page has been created to help raise funds for Tank and Chula’s future medical expenses. Hopefully, the generosity of the Bickell Foundation and dog lovers across the world will help persuade a rescue organization to rescue these two and see that they live out their lives together!


If you know a rescue group that may be able to help these handsome babies, please share their story or call (847) 652-0358.

Featured Image via Sarah Lauch/YouTube

Reviewed by Dina Fantegrossi

March 5, 2016