Bonded Dogs Left At Shelter When Their Human Didn’t Want Them Anymore

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 18, 2015

Jack and Maggie belong to an uncommon circle of shelter dogs known as “bonded pairs.” This means that two dogs have (usually) lived together for some time and cannot be separated for adoption—they are very attached, and remaining together is in their best interest.


Unfortunately, bonded pairs are much harder to place, and so shelters will often separate them immediately to “prepare” them for the inevitable. They don’t realize the toll this can take on the dogs mentally, especially combined with the loud, stressful shelter environment.


So when Jack and Maggie were abandoned by their owner, who the shelter writes “no longer wanted them around,” they were already at a disadvantage. The Brookhaven Animal Shelter wrote on the dogs’ adoption profile:

These two are best friends and totally bonded. They ended up here at the shelter while their owner was hospitalized. The owner decided not to bring them back home and leave them to find a new family. They have adjusted without any problems and are hoping to find a new loving family, one to keep them safe and and [sic] share their lives with. They are affectionate and so loving, they walk beautiful on a leash and meet all new people with big tail wags.


Jack is approximately 75 lbs, and Maggie is around 45. They are around 6–7 years old.

jack maggie

These sweet, affectionate dogs could spend what might be their first Christmas in a shelter unless they can find a foster or adoptive family. If you live in the Brookhaven, NY area and are interested in these pups, please contact the shelter at (631) 451-6950.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 18, 2015