This Border Collie Catches Balls Like A Human Being (Sort Of)

Imagine, for a moment, that legendary filmmaker David Lynch (of Twin Peaks fame) decided to get into the business of making dog videos – really weird, really surreal videos that were also super adorable – and, well, you still wouldn’t be prepared for how utterly bizarre the video below is.

In the video, a dog owner plays catch with Holly, his Border Collie, to the inexplicable tune of “The Muffin Man.” I know what you’re thinking – besides “The Muffin Man” playing for no reason whatsoever, that doesn’t sound all that weird. But here’s the thing: Holly isn’t catching the balls with her mouth like a normal dog. She’s catching them in a bucket that she holds (and catches!) with her paws. To be clear, I can barely catch a bucket and balls with my human hands and human opposable thumbs, so this is all pretty impressive to me.

Dog Owner Plays Catch with Border Collie

I think my favorite moment from the video comes 18 seconds in where Holly misses a ball and just says “F*** IT” before throwing the bucket and balls on the floor for her dog dad to come clean up.

Featured image via Rumble Viral

Benjamin Moore

7 years ago