Boston Terrier Wages Adorable War Against Mornings

Meet Essie, the cutest, derpiest Boston Terrier on Instagram. She's a spunky 6-month-old pup from Chicago. 10475038_683704985011259_1636864205_n   She has one enemy and one enemy alone: MORNINGS! 10534929_633231003459643_167452527_n   You think this kind of cute just happens? Two words, sister: beauty sleep! 10617073_1474105502874915_1538876173_n   Not even the promise of a w-a-l-k can get her sleepy fuzzbutt going. 10666058_1476200855964680_901155034_n   She just can't even right now. 1517326_734975736569933_1113693397_n   So, while the rest of the world wakes up and heads to work, she's building a pillow barricade pillowfort   Watch her look pawsitively adorable while she sleeps here:

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For more pupdates from Essie, you can follow her here! All images via @essie_the_bostonterrierr

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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