Rescue Boxer And Guinea Pig Besties Cuddle Up For Snack Time

Rockin Rex the rescue boxer and his best pal S'mores, a guinea pig, do everything together, like cozy up together for a mid-afternoon snack.
Rex is a senior Boxer with degenerative myelopathy, who was rescued in October 2015 from a kill shelter in California. Before going to the shelter, rescuers found him as a stray wearing a collar that was so tight that it left a scar on his neck. Now, this pup has a wheelchair for his hind legs to roll around. He now lives in Vail, Colorado with the rescue organization Team Leo with his pal S'mores, who was rescued in January 2016, and they immediately hit it off. rex and smores 2 The two go on walks together, eat together and relax together - it's pretty much the cutest bond ever. You can follow their adorable adventures together on Facebook.
Featured image via Leo Puppy Mill Survivor.

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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