Homeless Boxer Scoffs At Superstition, Gets Rescued On Unluckiest Day Of The Year

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

November 16, 2015

“You see, they are so strong, they never complain, and his tail was wagging. So it’s hard to see them in such bad shape, but with such a good spirit.” This is what France Dubois, executive director at the SPCA in Gatineau, Quebec, had to say about the skeletal Boxer mix they found wandering along a main highway.

sad face

He weighs only 35 pounds, a far cry from the roughly 70 pounds a typical Boxer should weigh, and he is dehydrated, his muscles atrophied from lack of use. His sad eyes convey all the misery he’s experienced in his short life.

Rescue workers have named him Treize, the French word for “thirteen,” in honor of the day he was found.

treize skeletal

Dubois says the pup is more than friendly, and people have already fallen head over paws in love with him. They’ve rallied in support, she says, and have supplied Treize with more blankets and toys than he could ever need. From the look of it, it is unlikely that this sweetheart of a dog has ever experienced any sort of kindness from humans.

treize getting out of cage

Treize has no tags or microchip, and it is unclear how he ended up in this state, but rescuers urge anyone with any information to call them at 819-205-2908.

In the meantime, Treize’s only responsibility is to gain some much-needed weight. He receives only a few teaspoons of food at a time so as not to upset his stomach, but he is eating, and that alone is fantastic news.


The rescue asked on Facebook for a patient, loving foster home with the means to monitor Treize continually as he recovers, and have already found a dedicated family.

Due to Treize’s extreme condition, the rescue appreciates any help toward the cost of veterinary care, and ask that any donations be made via their website.

We promise to keep you all updated on this lucky thirteen dog’s recovery.

H/t and Featured Image via SPCA de l’Outaouais & CTV News Ottawa

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

November 16, 2015