12 Reasons This Dog Is Giving You The Stink Eye

Listen, I don't know who ticked off this Boxer, but he looks fed up. Just look at him: He looks so mad you just know he's going to change his Netflix password as soon as he gets home to keep you from using it. Or even worse, start writing his name on the milk carton again. Ugh, you hate it when he does that! Here are ten 12 other reasons why this dog is giving us major side eye: 1. You kept saying "we'll go for a walk in 10 minutes" all morning, and now it's raining. boxer-stink-eye-9 2. You unfollowed him on Twitter. boxer-stink-eye-9 3. You just hit him with a ‘draw 4’ card in Uno. boxer-stink-eye-9 4. You cut off his favorite Beyonce song right in the middle. boxer-stink-eye-9 5. You just said "I miss Jon Snow" knowing he hasn't watched the finale yet. boxer-stink-eye-9 6. You told him "Let's party!", but then handed him the car keys. boxer-stink-eye-9 7. You didn’t tell him the vet would do butt stuff. boxer-stink-eye-9 8. You started a sentence with, “I’m going to tell you something, but you have to promise not to get mad…" boxer-stink-eye-9 9. You posted his 4 a.m. karaoke performance of Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" on YouTube. boxer-stink-eye-9 10. You told him to "check his privilege" during a passionate discussion on why cats aren't allowed at the dog park. boxer-stink-eye-9 11. You told him his new collar looks "fine." Would a compliment kill you? boxer-stink-eye-9 12. You changed his kibble to "Low Fat." boxer-stink-eye-9 Additional writing by Katie Haller, Chris Patota, Samantha Erb, Will Storie, Dina Fantegrossi, and Nicole Gabriel

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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