8 Year-Old-Boy Asks For Donations For The Local Shelter Instead Of Birthday Presents

The Humane Society of North Texas received a donation of over $3,000 in cash, food and supplies from a very unlikely source – an 8-year-old boy! Benjamin Walker of Fort Worth, Texas says that when his birthday rolled around, he decided that the dogs and cats at the shelter needed “gifts”  far more than he did.

I don’t really need much gifts for my birthday. I already have a bunch of stuff like toys and all that…Instead of caring about me, I sort of think of others.

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Benjamin asked his family and friends to contribute pet supplies or monetary donations instead of bringing toys or presents to his birthday party. He ended up donating more than 400 pounds of dog food, 100 pounds of cat food, and plenty of cat litter and toys. Whitney Hanson, Director of Communications for the HSNT, was pleasantly surprised by Benjamin’s selfless act. She said:

The donation from Benjamin’s party is by far the largest donation we’ve received from someone of his age – or even close to his age. It just blew us away.


Hanson also pointed out that Benjamin’s generosity appears to be rubbing off on other children in the community. Fundraiser-themed kid’s parties are popping up around Fort Worth. We hope that this is one trend that keeps on growing and spreading!

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Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago