4-Yr-Old Pens Letter To “Bad Men” Who Stole His Dog After Learning To Write

According to The Telegraph, in 2013 little Ethan’s beloved Cocker Spaniel Fern was stolen.

Even though he as only 2 when it happened, Ethan has never forgotten Fern. Now 4-years-old, he’s just learned to write. With his new skill, Ethan decided to appeal to the thieves who dognapped Fern.


He wrote a letter to them, asking for her return.

Touched by his love for his pup, the letter has gone viral, with the hashtag #FindFern being spread across social networks everywhere.


To help Ethan and his family try and locate Fern, check out the Facebook and Twitter that have been set up to help the effort!

Featured Image via Find Fern Facebook

h/t to ABC7 News

Lisa Bernier

7 years ago

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