8 Year Old Is On A Mission To Save Thousands Of Shelter Animals In One Summer

Tampa Bay, Florida youngster Kenny Lewis has been making YouTube videos since last year. Most of these videos involve Kenny reviewing toys and showing off his mad cooking skills. The tone of the channel changed when he visited Pasco County Animal Services facility. It was there that he learned about the plight of shelter animals all across the United States. kenny lewis Kenny started making videos to raise awareness about The New Barker magazine's adoption event on June 11. His goal was to help all 150 animals at the shelter find forever homes. [bp_related_article] He's not stopping there. He plans on continuing his campaign throughout the summer. He hopes his videos will encourage thousands of animal lovers to adopt and not shop for their new best friends. kenny lewis 2 He says:
“If everyone in the whole globe had a pet that would be good because it would be like the whole world would have one and there wouldn’t be any stray. It feels like the right thing to do.”
Kenny also plans to be an "animal saver" when he grows up. We say he's already achieved that goal. Check out Kenny's interview with Anna Cooke from The New Barker:
Featured image via The Kenny Show. h/t Life With Dogs.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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