15 Smoosh Faces Who Ate Way Too Much Christmas Ham

After a long December leading up to Christmas, with ugly sweater parties and baked goods galore, we are in the holiday home stretch. We hope you and your dogs had a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter, cheer, presents, and FOOD! Well, maybe not too much… With all the table scraps, and fallen crumbs, and, there sure is a lot for dogs to indulge in! One of the hungriest type of of pawliday pup? The brachys! Here are 15 brachy (aka brachycephalic, aka smoosh nosed) pups to prove it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

1. “Mom will never find me under here. I’m gonna nap forever!”


2. “Yes, yes I did have the last piece of brisket.”


3. “Don’t take pictures right now, I feel like a fattie!”


4. “Hey Ronald? Should we try to walk it off? Ronald? Ok, back to sleep.”


5. When your eyes are bigger than your stomach.


6. Don Puppleone destroyed the kitchen table at the Feast of the Seven Fishes.


7. This Pugly sweater is feeling a little tighter this morning…


8. Looks like it’s time to make the annual weight loss New Year’s resolutions. *sigh*


9. “I’m so bloated right now it’s not even fair.”


10. This pupper is willing to exert 0 effort to move today.


11. “I tried to make it on the couch, but then I got too sleeeeeepy.”


12. A burger a day keeps the workouts away.


13. “Ugh, I must have gained, like, 6 folds after last night.”


14. “Will I ever be able to eat again?”


15. “A reindeer? Really? I am not in the mood for this s%*t today.”


Don’t worry, doggies. We will love you no matter your size — no puppy-shaming here! These pups were all fortunate enough to have a warm, happy holiday with their humans, but not all pups have that luxury. Don’t forget to donate to or volunteer at your local animal shelter this holiday season; our favorite four-legged friends will be furever grateful.

Featured image via Chris Waits

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago