16 Dogs Who Eat Lingerie Like Yours For Breakfast

For more pawesome Dogshaming pics, check out the Dogshaming BOOK! Why your pup would want to take your lingerie, we will never know. One thing we do know, it's hilarious. Dog shaming + skivvies = priceless. 1. "You haven't heard? Everyone is doing it." image155-e1387177380526-637x849   2. "Um, you're welcome..." tumblr_m95p5uzX1Q1re4ne0o1_1280-637x477 3. "What's my secret? It's all about the right timing."  Dog-Shaming-637x534 4. "Bras, this paper, I'll eat anything. I don't understand why you are so surprised." juliet-637x852 5. "We both wanted to wear it, so we just split it instead." Dec-2013-027-637x637 6. "And your point is..."  photo-2-e1391365312219-637x849   7. "It's not like anyone is going to see it, I just like the way it makes me feel."  photo13-e1404877184226-637x852 8. "This is my way of telling you that you need to up your game on my dog food. Better food, no more eaten panties."  photo-11-e1402712287200-637x477 9. "Add a side of brassiere and this meal would be a perfect 10."  IMG_20130926_115214-637x969 10. "I just want your roommate to think you are a weirdo so you hang out less with her and more with me."  tumblr_makf1c04221re4ne0o1_1280 11. "Sorry I'm not sorry. Worth every penny."   SpockShaming-637x849 12. "It's not stealing per se, it's more like borrowing..."  whew-643-637x477 13. "Um, who is the one who wears the bra after I lick it? You're the gross one."  scoob-637x852 14. "Ashamed? On the contrary, I think I look good."  photo7-e1366134950345-637x849 15. "I'm using them to make a fort, no girls allowed."  tumblr_mbfxuarcvj1re4ne0o1_1280-637x398 16. What do I have to do put my laundry in a safe? pantyeatersflay For more dog shaming pics, check out (PSA: this leads to major procrastination). Featured image via 

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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