Everyone Walks Away From Britain’s ‘Most Unwanted Dog’ Because He’s Diabetic

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 29, 2015

Ten year old Benji is a precious pooch who has spent 7 years of his life at the Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary. This has earned him the title of Britain’s ‘Most Unwanted Dog.’

Yet, Benji is adorable, incredibly loyal and, even in his old age, loves splashing around in puddles.

benji 1

The sanctuary’s chairwoman Mandy Leigh told the Mirror:

He’s such an adorable little scruff. He loves attention and sits at the front of the sanctuary and says hello to everyone who comes in.

Looking at this guy’s face and hearing how much he loves people, it’s hard to imagine why no one wants to take this guy home.

benji 2

According to Mandy, people turn away from Benji for one reason: He has diabetes. He requires an insulin shot every 12 hours.

The pup was adopted by a family who returned him shortly after when they realized they could not manage the needs of a diabetic dog. Since then, the shelter is the only home Benji has known. The sanctuary is so desperate to find him a home that they have agreed to pay for all of his medical expenses after someone adopts him.

benji 4

Mandy says that Benji “thinks he’s the bee’s knees” and doesn’t understand why other people don’t love him and think he is special, too.

She wants to make sure that Benji knows what it’s like to live in a real, loving home before he passes away. She said:

Benji’s an old man now and all he needs is an understanding home where he can watch television and go for a toddle outside. I hope he can go to an older retired lady or gentleman who will be free to give him his injections and won’t have little children running around the house.

We hope Benji finds his forever home soon! If you live near Lancashire, you can learn more about adopting Benji on the sanctuary’s website.

h/t the Mirror.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

November 29, 2015

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