British Man Gets His Dog Past Landlord Using Hilarious Creativity

Wannabe urban pup-owners, take note: this is how a dog can get around the rules. YoYo the basset hound is one smart pup. She attends Selwyn College, which is part of England's prestigious Cambridge University. How did this clever pooch get admitted to a school that "technically" bans dogs? By passing as a "very large cat" of course. yoyo3 YoYo's pup parent Professor Roger Mosey wanted to make his adopted hound a part of college life. He was able to convince the college council to let YoYo live with him on campus by pointing to a few precedents: many faculty members have kept cats, and there was a past professor who had dogs trotting by his side for twenty years of his tenure. Therefore, YoYo the "very large cat," was officially admitted. yoyo2 YoYo has become a regular site for students and staff alike, so much so that she's featured in some of the college's publicity material. Thank you, YoYo, for us being able to say the coolest cat on this campus is totally a doge.
h/t to BBC News
All images via BBC News

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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