Dog That Went Viral With One Photo Now Needs A Home For Himself And His Bucket

Slim and his bucket became an internet sensation when numerous headlines claimed the cold metal object was his only friend. They called him lonely, sad, and heartbroken. Well, all of that may have been true when he was found abandoned and hungry inside an empty house, but now Slim has a much different outlook on the situation.

10/28 UPDATE: HUGE THANK YOU TO MICHELLE AT THE SHELTER!! SLIM HAS RESCUE!!!! He is going to Forget Me Not Animal...

Posted by Rescue Me Ohio on Thursday, October 22, 2015
The staff at Forget Me Not Animal Shelter in Strongsville, Ohio---the folks who pulled Slim from the Ashland County Dog Shelter where he originally lived---have been working hard with him. slim high 5 Slim initially showed some signs of food guarding and needed a bit of work on his leash manners according to the shelter, but with patience and persistence on the part of shelter workers, he has come a long way. The original Facebook post read:
He is anxious in the shelter and has destroyed most of the toys he's been given. But his favorite toy is his Bucket!!! He loves his bucket and is lost without it!!
This sweet boy was getting agitated and stressed-out, which is understandable. He needed time to decompress before even thinking about searching for his forever home, and that's when the lovely people at Forget Me Not stepped in. foster family Since Slim has been in his foster home, he's really gotten a taste of the good life, a dog's life. He's fallen in love with his foster family, gets tons of kisses, and even got to dress up for Halloween! You might even say his bucket has dropped down a few pegs on his list of best friends. But that's okay. sleeping slim Slim is now prepared to begin the search for his permanent family---if you'd like to check him out, visit the Forget Me Not Animal Rescue adoption page for more information or to fill out an application. Slim most definitely needs a home with experience (and strength!) to keep up his positive training and continue work on his leash skills. He promises much love and many kisses to whoever opens their heart and home to him... but you'll still have to make room for the bucket, too.
H/t Forget Me Not Animal Rescue

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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