Ukrainian Police Get Help From Skateboarding Bulldog To Break Up Protest

It could have been an unruly scene in Odessa, were it not for Sam the Bulldog and his swift skateboard of justice! Sam1 Demonstrators at City Hall in Duma Square gathered to protest alleged political corruption in regards to building permits being handed out as bribes. The angry crowd started to move toward the doors of City Hall when Sam the Bulldog bulldozed his way into the fray. [caption id="attachment_31898" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image via Daily Mail Image via Daily Mail[/caption] The three officers on security duty were more than happy to have the unexpected backup! Tensions dissolved as the crowd quickly became enthralled with Sam's antics. "He was hilarious and impossible to ignore, he seemed very excited about the action and was smashing the skateboard left and right and running into everyone," eyewitness Anatoly Hlushko said to Daily Mail Sam2 Then, just as quickly as he came, Sam The Herald of Peace skateboarded off into the distance (presumably to his owner nearby). Though rumors circulated that the police purposefully Sam to distract protestors, the general consensus is that the local celebrity heard the ruckus from a nearby park and decided to stop by to show off some of his signature moves.
h/t to Huffington Post and Daily Mail

Laura Hartle

7 years ago

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