Bulldog Gets The Ultimate Beach Bod On #BarkBoxDay

BarkBox discovered the secret to getting the perfect summer dog bod with June’s fitness-themed BarkBox (a.k.a. the BarkBod™), and here it is:

Step 1: Acknowledge that it is, in fact, summertime.

Step 2: Have a body—this is especially important.

Step 3: Chew, tug, thrash, shred, and snack, not necessarily in that order.

POOF! You’ve got a rockin’ summer bod just begging to bake in the backyard sun.

Emphasis on the naps, we recommend ~14 hours a day for optimal performance. HORIZONTAL 👏 CARDIO 👏

Here, we see Eggnog before and after she attempted approximately 2.5 burpees. And one, and squeak, and two, and squeak…

Get munchin’ to replenish those depleted carbs! No one said anything about a diet.

All the time is a good time to bulk up. “Just more of me to love!” – Finn the Pug

Flaunt those rolls and wrinkles, they make you YOU! We could do without the gas, but that’s a problem for another day.

Don’t forget to tag your pup’s summer fun with #BarkBoxDay so we can see every amazing moment (rolls and all)!

Dr. Katy Nelson

3 years ago