Gleeful Bulldog Can’t Stop Tumbling Down A Hill Because Life Is Amazing

Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 2, 2016

They say do what you love. And what Juju here really, really loves is rolling down this particular hill.

Juju is a 15-month-old English Bulldog, who lives in New York City.

Her mom Ruth tells BarkPost that Juju has been flinging herself down this hill, in a park across the street from their apartment, since she was a wee pup.

“She started spontaneously rolling,” Ruth says. “We were totally enchanted.”

In case you’re a neurotic type who worries about the safety of this adventure (hi, raises hand) : Juju’s dog trainer, Sarah Fraser of Instinct Dog Behavior & Training LLC, assures us that all is well.

Juju is just “having a great time,” says Sarah. “We would never discourage that.”

By the way, Sarah doesn’t take credit for Juju’s tumbling skills. Juju has only been through basic puppy training. One must conclude the pup is simply a natural.

Since we know you’re wondering: No, hill-rolling is not Juju’s only adorable, attention-getting hobby. (Though it is the only one we’ve got a video of — Ruth, can we fix that?)

Juju is said to also relish splashing in puddles, “and has taught other dogs to splash too,” Ruth says.

Another frequent trick is stealing a sock from the laundry basket, showing said sock to her humans, and then scampering off for them to chase her.

And sometimes, Ruth says, “when my husband practices playing the trumpet, Juju grabs one of her squeaky toys and squeaks as loud as she can along with him.”

“We can’t tell if she’s trying to jam or just wants to be the loudest,” she  says. “She gives us a lot of joy.”

Featured image via Ruth/Instinct Dog Behavior & Training LLC

H/T Instinct Dog Behavior & Training LLC

 And of course it goes without saying that adoption is the very best adoption — we guarantee there are lots of Bulldog-type dogs listed on your favorite pet adoption website, though we can’t promise they will all be acclaimed gymnasts.

Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 2, 2016

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