Frenchies Playing With Balloons Are Happy With Just The Simple Things In Life

Brace yourselves — here comes your daily dose of adorableness.

Dogs are the best for many reasons, one of which is their carefree perspective on life and the fact that even the simplest things can make their day. Highlighting this fact is this video, which shows two French Bulldogs playing with a simple balloon and having the time of their lives.


Occasionally popping a balloon along the way, the duo jump, tussle, and run all over the place without showing any signs of boredom. The fact that these adorable guys can have so much fun with just a balloon is reflective on people only needing the basics to have a good time.

In the end, the best things in life truly are free (or very very cheap), and if these dogs can have such a great time with just a balloon, who knows what other little things we can have a fun time with. The sky is the limit!

h/t ViralHog

Adam Samuel

6 years ago

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