From Dogfighting To Pup Ruvin’: A Tribute Bulletproof Sam

Written by: Regina Lizik

June 13, 2015

This month, Pit Bull advocates and dog lovers everywhere say goodbye to the indestructible spirit of Bulletproof Sam.

Sam’s first few years were tragically spent in a dogfighting ring. This history is written all over his face, but none of it touched his heart.

bulletproof sam 2

Members of the Humane Society rescued Sam and other dogs in 2012. The Pittie quickly realized help was here and he fell into the arms of rescuer Chris Schindler.

bulletproof sam rescue

After his rescue, Sam moved to the Hello Bully Halfway House in Pennsylvania. The halfway house is setup like a real home. This helps pups like Sam learn what it’s like to live a normal life.


The humans of Hello Bully said:

“Despite his past and the horrors he suffered, he never held a grudge. He had a wiggle and a kiss for everyone he met.”

Sam’s new family created a Facebook page for him to raise awareness about dogfighting, smash Pit Bull stigma and, of course, to celebrate their bulletproof pup.

bulletproof sam 5

Sam spent the rest of his days sleeping, farting, playing and showing the world that Pit Bulls, even former prized fighters, can be loving companion pets. He advocated against dogfighting and promoted the importance of rescue.

The world will miss you Bulletproof Sam. But, the Rainbow Bridge just got a little brighter.

Watch the video below to see Humane Society rescuers share more of Sam’s journey.

Sam’s humans will be celebrating their “ray of sunshine” through a special series of Facebook posts on the pup’s fanpage.
You can make donations to Hello Bully via the organization’s website.

Written by: Regina Lizik

June 13, 2015