15 Reasons Why Bullies Are The Wrinkly Best Friends You Never Knew You Needed

Slobber, underbites, and stinky folds aren't usually the epitome of the word beautiful, but we like to think otherwise. Sure they're constantly surrounded by a fart cloud, but still, they'll never let you down. Here's a celebratory list of the top reasons we really think bullies are our eternal, beautiful friends. Folds and all.

1. They got jokes. #spicerackanyone


2. They're always on their best behavior on Pupchat. #noscreenshottingbutter #iseeyou

3. They share our sentiments about mornings.

4. Are not afraid to laugh at themselves. (Internally.)


5. Squished faces make for optimum banana holders.


6. They're never spoiled. Ever.


7. And totes dapper.

8. They love to help in the kitchen.


9. And the laundry.

10. They never, ever fart. Especially when you're close to their butt. *toot*


11. You can always count on them to be honest about your outfit selections.

12. And they always follow directions.

13. And keep their parties low-key.

14. Plus, Bully decorating skills are on fleek.

15. Just like their unpacking skills.

11930777_843207579110524_137941823_n Whatever your beauty, we love you, Bullies!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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