Senior Pug Who Legitimately Looks Like A Muppet Goes Nuts For Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Bumblesnot, while sounding suspiciously like a mythical creature, is actually a little old man Pug with some less-than-pleasant bodily functions, hence the name. He's a rescue, having come from a shelter in pitiful condition, and has since become a bit less mobile as he ages---but no less scrumptious. bumblesnot It happens, man. But that gray mask and tongue that's just a tad too big for his mouth makes Bumble so much more endearing! Here, he enjoys some Thanksgiving leftovers with a great deal of zeal. (We saw the human sneak in some green beans there, but we won't tell.)
Chowing Down

I don't care what kind of leftovers it is.. I'll take it!But bacon would be better.snort not picky snort

Posted by The Bumblesnot on Saturday, November 28, 2015
H/t Facebook/The Bumblesnot

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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