Australian Shepherd And Squirrel Put Aside Their Differences To Become Adorable BFFs

Dog and squirrels are usually mortal enemies, but Callie and Stewart's friendship is unlike any other. Not only are they members of different species, but their friendship is one that was ignited by tragedy. canva-photo-editor (25) Callie is a dog and Stewart is a squirrel, but that hasn't stopped their friendship from blossoming. [bp_related_article] canva-photo-editor (26) When Stewart was just a tiny baby squirrel, he fell from a tree and was left all alone. Without his mother to show him how to survive on his own, Stewart's future seemed bleak. 1171848_210551685954889_548934915_n Fret no, though, for Stewart luckily was rescued and now lives a happy life with Callie, his new best friend. The two do everything together. Like nap. 10990566_1665237000409788_871697327_n Pose for pictures. canva-photo-editor (27) Play dress up. 11378610_1460649284248235_1634641208_n And, of course, share snuggle time! 11821860_708016059330623_540616150_n The duo have become so popular that Buzzfeed even did an article about them! 12728554_1684321905141705_1587193573_n The hilarious and adorable poses these two strike make their account a must follow! 12345869_1010257265702964_488211188_n I mean, seriously. 12132717_1090660057633415_389611571_n What better friend could a squirrel ask for? From being dropped out of a tree, to finally finding a friend, this duo is a reminder that sometimes friendships come in unlikely packages. 11917974_526056134218577_307910961_n

Featured image via @dog_and_squirrel

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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