11 Dogs Who Are Calling For A Paternity Test

In the world of mixed breeds mating with mixed breeds, it's easy to end up with a pup whose genealogy you couldn't even begin to guess at. And while it's true that some humans look nothing like their parents, there's nothing more hilarious then seeing a male dog hanging around with his new litter looking like a misfit. We searched far and wide for evidence of this funny outcome and found plenty of worthy candidates for dogs who should definitely be requesting a paternity test. 1. "I have curls. They don't. Just sayin'." Springerdoodles-puppies 2. "This can't right. They're ALREADY almost as tall as me." puppies-with-dad 3. "One of us looks like a mop. One of us doesn't." Hungarian-Puli- 4. "Look, even THEY don't think I'm their dad." puppies-and-dad 5. "Pup I am NOT your father. Or your pillow. Or...oh whatever, I give up." mutt-puppies 6. "Well, this is confusing." DAPHNE, MEEKO, DANDY, MICK 7. "You're adopted." different-looking-puppy 8. "Don't sniff me until the DNA test comes back." different-color-puppy 9. "You're all my children...supposedly." dad-looking-at-puppies 10. "Until the brindle comes in, I'm not chipping in for his kibble." brindle-dad 11. "Well, I guess your mom took that 'open relationship' period we had and ran with it." boston-terrier-golden-puppies
Featured Image via TVLine

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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