Can I get a round of peanut butter to go with these jock jams?

For a brief moment, we thought that the recent World Series was the pinnacle of high stakes sports. Wrong. We. Were. Dawn Justice sent us sideline pics from the game of the century. Or, should I say cenfurry?

Rounding the corner, Chester and Tallulah nearly collide in pursuit of the ballie. Chester avoids disaster by enacting the classic one-legged, side belly to the sky pose. This is championship fetch, people. Form is everything.



In a last minute upset, Chester closes in on the win. You can see the sheer shock on his face. Tallulah put up a good fight, no one can take that away from her. It just wasn’t her day.

Many will be disappointed with her performance, but pundits are already calling her the favorite for tomorrow’s game. We’re rooting for you, Tallulah! We are ALL rooting for you!

Jared Smith

7 years ago