The Only Collection of Interspecies Friendships Your Heart Will Ever Need

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 3, 2014

Whatever you are—a lion, a tiger, a bear (oh my!)—its clear: a dog is pawbably your best friend.

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hold tight because you’re going to be awwwwwing your pants off when you see all these interspecies pals.

What’s that Nala?  You love me, too?

Ten-year-old Lionness, Soonee, and South Korean Jindo dog, Tangchil, give each other some loving nudges at a zoo in Chinbae, China.  The two have been living together since 2002.  Read more here!

I’ll never stop horsing around!

Hannah, a St. Bernard from Barnstead, New Hampshire, cozies up with Einstein, a 14-inch-tall extra-miniature horse.  Miniature horses are typically 27-35 inches.

K9: Operation TLC

At a vet’s home in Sydney, Australia, this German Shepherd gives some Bengal tiger and cougar cubs a bath.


This is a frequent sighting for a Slovenian family in Podyrh, after they paired their family dog with their adopted three and half month old bear cub, Medo, after he wandered into their yard.

You can just call us the New Kids On the Block.

In the courtyard of a veterinarian’s house in Kharkov, north of Kiev, Ukraine, these three-month old lion cubs gang up with a feisty pup.

The Leaning Tower of Cuteness:  Mice on Cat on Dog

Booger the dog keeps the pyramid alive for cat, Kitty, and white mice (all named Mousie) in Bisbee, Arizona.

Abracadabra, babies ballyhoo!

Lilica the dog plays Mama to a puddle of white tiger cubs who were rejected by their mother twelve hours after their birth.

Who ever said monkey business could be this cute? 

A dog and monkey snuggle up in northern Uganda.

That’ll do, pig.  That’ll do.

After this little piglet’s mother passed away, this cheery dog took over for her, in Shenyang, China.

Let me try on ma new Puma!

Practically siblings, coeval puppy, Basya, wrestles with two-year old North American puma cub, Baron, in a zoo in Krasnoyarsk.  Basya’s mother nursed Baron when the puma cub’s mother could not.

Do you take this cuddly-well dressed kitty to be yours?  Woof!

Te-Te the cat and Chico the dog were wed on Valentine’s Day this year at the Baltimore Humane Society’s 3rd annual pet wedding (Guinea pigs, Jasmine and Aladdin, were also married that day!)  More pictures here!

Bambi, I want more than your autograph.

Shura the dog touched noses with an orphaned baby fawn at a zoo in Crimea.


After these tiger cub’s mother was unable to produce enough milk, zoo keepers at a zoo in Hefei, China, found a wonderful wet nurse in this dog.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 3, 2014

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