Canadian Banking Ad Asks ‘What If Dogs Had Their Own Credit Cards?’

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

April 28, 2016

Interac is a Toronto-based “nonprofit interbank network” offering Canadians access to debit style purchasing. Unlike U.S. banks, most Canadian lenders do not offer debit cards, leaving their patrons to rely on credit. As many of us know firsthand, shopping exclusively on credit can be a slippery slope if you have a fetish for designer shoes, or, like the pup in the commercial, Kobe beef.

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Canadian advertising agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo designed the clever “dog-umentary” to demonstrate the perils of credit – and the benefits of its client’s new debit card. The furry lead actor, Max the Australian Shepherd, is delighted to indulge his every consumer whim when his new credit card arrives…until he gets in over his head. Max’s veterinarian, played by real life pet doc, Dr. Matthew Richardson explains the indebted dog’s psychological symptoms as he spirals into despair.

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The ad spot does have a happy ending, though. Max decides to bury the treacherous credit card in the yard and “dig” himself out of debt by starting his own dog walking service. Granted, he’s his own best client, but at least he’s trying! As for all the swag he’s collected, like the sports car, leather jacket, and fur coat – maybe he can try selling it on Ebay’s Pet Supplies page. Meanwhile he’ll stick to debit purchases only.

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Interac is the combined effort of 5 of Canada’s largest banks. They attempted to become a for-profit corporation in 2010, but were denied by the federal Competition Bureau. For now the cards remain a kind of public service for Canadian consumers, protecting them from fraud and technical errors associated with credit purchasing. The cards are designed for use on small everyday purchases, and therefore help prevent overspending. Just ask Max!

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

April 28, 2016