Researchers Wonder If Dogs And Wolves Can Out-Smart Their Humans With “Canine Telepathy”

Are you convinced that your pup can anticipate your every move? Maybe to the point you wonder if your dog is psychic? 2 psychic dog A study from Learning & Behavior, determined that dogs are born with the opportunity to "read” us, but can they really read our minds? psychicFT2 Dogs are excellent at reading people by behavior and body language. Dogs can sense when we are engaged, depressed, tired, distracted, attentive and more. Dogs can even sense when we are sick. [bp_related_article] The longer a pup is around a human, the more and more a dog can sense. They become hyperaware, or extremely sensitive to stimuli. But does this make them psychic? 3 psychic dog Monique Udell and the University of Florida wanted to know why dogs could read us humans so well. So her team carried out an experiment involving two groups: wolves and dogs. Both groups were given the chance to beg for food from a person with food. wolf Surprisingly, both wolves and dogs proved to be successful, capable beggers from attentive humans. Discovery went in depth: "This demonstrates that both species – domesticated and non-domesticated – have the capacity to behave in accordance with a human’s attentional state.” In other words, the wolves did not need any experience with humans to “read” their behavior. They didn’t have to learn to beg. They already knew how. 6 psychic dog But it’s important to note that not all dogs read humans exactly the same. Discovery also noted that shelter dogs were not strong readers of human behaviors. This suggests that the more frequently dogs are exposed to humans and their behavior, the better they can "read" them. adailyshotofjameson Subtle cues of body language is something both domesticated and non-domesticated species recognize. Therefore, if a dog views us as companions worthy of their attention, the more they can predict our behaviors and every move. 😀
h/t Discovery
Featured image via showmenoodz/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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