WINNER! #CaptionThis Photo Of A Dude On A Beer Date With His Dog!

Earlier this week, we shared a picture of a man sharing a cold one with a Golden Retriever and put out a Paw-To-Action to all of your to caption it! We got over a thousand comments on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. It was ruff work, but we managed to narrow down our favorites. So without further a-poo, here are BarkPost's Top Ten favorite captions. 10. Dawn DeLeo
9. Leslie Valdez
8. Amy Brookes
7. Alisa Brown Advani
6. Crystal Neel
5. Olivia Price
4.Diane Stevens Abernathy
3. Deb Cheetham
2. Donna Maynor
And finally, the winner of a $25 BarkShop gift card and BarkPost's first #CaptionThis Photo Contest is....
DRUM ROLL PLEASE! 1. Michelle Mosley! captionWIN
Conwagulations Michelle! We hope you enjoy your Wag Swag! Stay tuned for more #CaptionThis Photo contests and chances to win big by liking the BarkPost Humor Facebook page and following @BarkPost ! Have a wagnificent weekend, boys and squirrels! Thank to everyone who pawticipated! It's BarkPost's first caption contest! We supply the picture, you do the doodie work! Write your caption in the comment section and we'll announce our favorite submission this Friday. Winner gets a $25 gift card to BarkShop! Here's a couple examples to get you muttivated! caption6 caption3
Featured image via reddit

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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