15 Greeting Cards That Prove Dogs Make Every Holiday Better

Let's be real, there are the holiday cards that people place on their mantel or the refrigerator, and then there are the ones that get put in the "other" pile, or worse, the trash. Answer me this dog people. Do you want to send the card that people forget? Or the one that people remember? (Cue inspirational music) Here are 15 cards that will give your holiday game a major pupgrade. 1. Happy Thanksgiving from Papercards, $3.14 dogcardthanksgiving 2. Lydia & Pugs Gobble Lab Card, $4.50 dogcardthanksgivinglab 3. Give Thanks Thanksgiving Card, $4.50 dogcardthanksgivinghound 4. Woke Up Like This Holiday Photo Card, 25 Cards for $64.00 dogcard3 5. Santa Did It Photo Cards, 25 Cards for $64.00 dogcardsantadidit This list is about to get pretty punny. So prepare yourselves. 6. Yappy Howlidays Reindeer Pup Card, 25 Cards for $64.00 dogcardyappyhowlidays 7. Boris the Bulldog Card , $4.75 dogcardboris 8. Merry Woofing Christmas Card, $4.95 dogcardwoofing 9. Feliz Naughty Dog, $5.95 dogcardfeliz 10. Cavallinni Vintage Dog Wrapping Paper, $3.95 dogcardvintagewrap 11. Funny Dog And Cow Christmas Card, $3.30 dogcardcow 12. Reindeer Droppings Holiday Cards, 25 Cards for $64.00 dogcardreindeerdroppings 13. Fruitcake Holiday Card, 25 Cards for $64.00 dogcardfruitcake 14. (Sassy) Santa Dog Greeting Card, $3.30 dogcardchihuahuasanta 15. Dachshund Greeting Card, $3.20 dogcardwienerchristmas

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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