How To Send A Care Package To A Dog Serving Overseas

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 25, 2015

Military Working Dogs (MWD) are a vital part of the US Armed Forces. These highly trained pups work side by side with their handlers in war zones as trackers or sentries, in search and rescue, explosive detection and so much more. Interested in sending these hard working canines a little TLC? Below we’ve listed several ways you can send or contribute to care packages for these well deserving pups and their handlers…

**Disclaimer – It’s important to contact each organization before you send your donation or package to verify shipping details.

The United States War Dog Association, Inc.

This non-profit organization has been sending care packages to US military dogs all over the world since 2003. President of the organization, Ron Aiello, told BarkPost that packages are sent all year round. To send specific items, visit their website here for a full list of approved donations. You can also make a financial contribution by donating here.

Examples of needed items:

– K-9 Cooling Mats
– K-9 Nail Clippers, Brushes or Combs
– Kongs and other heavy duty chew toys
– K-9 Cooling Vests
– Doggles
– Collapsible Nylon Dog Water Bowls
– Dog Shampoo
– K-9 Salves For Paws/Noses
– K-9 toothpaste and toothbrushes
– Dog treats made in the USA only

And don’t forget about the hoomans! Item donations for dog handlers are also encouraged! Some of the suggested items include chapstick, sun block, writing materials, chewing gum, beef jerky and a friendly note! Click here for the full list of items.


Operation K-9 Care Package

Founded in 2010, Operation K-9 sends care packages to US military dog teams.
For a full list of needed items and the address of where to send them, check out their Facebook page here.

Support Military Working Dogs

Their mission is: “To provide cooling vests, and other protective gear such as Doggles, MuttLuks, and any other necessary gear to help the Military Working Dogs in active war zones and extreme conditions, who in turn protect and serve our soldiers.”

For information on how to donate, visit their website here!


Our very own BarkShop has a rebarkable collection of military dog-approved toys, snacks, and essentials for the toughest chewers and the hardest working pups who definitely need a cool-down. Tired pups can take five on a cozy cooling mat, have a cold one (water, of course) from a flexible, freezable, squeezable bowl, and romp-and-roll with a tough rubber Jolly Ball.

You’ll also find endless U.S.A.-made treats that are great for a dog’s soul, like these Pacific Salmon Thinkers and BBQ Chicken Jerky Chews! Have a ball and browse the collections, categories, or by specific BarkBox items. Pup-tested and pup-approved, our war dogs deserve the best!


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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 25, 2015

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