One Pup’s Clever Way to Promote Spay & Neuter

Mary Williamson of Little Holly's Big World conducted a photo shoot with an adorable duo of pups inspired by Sex and the City. Below, she provides background on its inspiration and purpose -- as well as sharing some gorgeous images captured by Seriously Sabrina Photography. What was your motivation for doing this photo shoot with your pup? "Holly and I had dressed as "Carrie Brad-paw in Spayed and the City," which not only inspired our talented photographer Sabrina, but also allowed us to use the platform to talk to people about the importance of spay and neuter in a funny, eye-catching way." Bradpaw 1 Bradpaw 10 Holly is a rescue, right? Are people ever surprised by that? "It's amazing the number of people every day who see Holly prancing around in her tutus and say 'she's so pretty/sweet/happy for a rescue!' There are so many fabulous pups out there waiting for a home, even purebred ones...Every time Holly and I walk out the door in wild matching outfits, or do one of our fun photo shoots, we set out to prove you don't have to be purebred (or purchased) to be paw-sitively fabulous!" View More: Bradpaw 9 Who is Holly's handsome co-star? "Because rescuing has always been our main message, I wanted to include an amazing adoptable pup, Roger, in our photo shoot as Mr. Big. I hope whatever attention these pictures get help Roger find his furever family!" Bradpaw 4 Bradpaw 2 "Roger is a 6-year-old American Eskimo available at the Humane Society of New York. Roger has thyroid issues that cause him to have seizures that are managed with medication. But, because of this, he needs someone who either works from home, has a family member at home full-time, or has a dog-friendly office environment. Roger is a staple at all the pup events and is known for his signature smile. He is a truly great guy with an amazing spirit, and I think he gives Chris Noth a run for his money in that tux!" Bradpaw 6 Bradpaw 8 Be sure to follow Little Holly's Big World for more pup pics!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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