This Dog’s Face Will Literally Be You After You See The New Star Wars Movie

Carrie Fisher gives a lot of interviews, and as it turns out, she also gives just about zero effs. Both of those things are good news for all of us. For a sit down with Good Morning America, Carrie brought along her beloved French Bulldog, Gary. His tongue matches her sweater, so OBVIOUSLY she had to bring him. Plus, he's very famous on Twitter. Oh, and he's also seen the new Star Wars. gary Carrie reveals that her dog's face has been all #TongueOutTuesday since he saw the film. He panted through the entire thing, too. The interview only gets better from there, as Carrie spits some truths about life for women in Hollywood, and let's face it, for women all over the world. It's smart, hilarious, strikingly honest, and she leaves the whole crowd delighted, except for Gary, that is. He's a little sleepy.
h/t Good Morning America

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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