Heartbroken Cat Cries For Weeks After Losing Her Canine Best Friend

Dundee Boy, a Chow Chow/Australian Shepherd mix, found bestie status with a feral cat named Tabitha. This is their story. 1 Tabitha lived outside and was fearful of all animals and humans. That is, until Dundee Boy caught her eye. Soon, the pair was inseparable. 3 People described Dundee as "a dog who didn't like cats." After Tabitha, that all changed. 2 Tabitha would come to the house and wait for Dundee Boy to be let out. They would play and nuzzle together. Dundee's owner, Yvette, was floored by their bond. 4 Tabitha wouldn't let anyone except Dundee Boy touch her. Their friendship was that special. 5 One day, Tabitha got sick. Yvette and her husband, Francisco, devised a way to get her treatment. They knew she'd have to stay in their house to recover. Once they lived in the same house, Tabitha and Dundee grew even closer. 6 Then, Dundee Boy tragically passed away during surgery. Tabitha became inconsolable and cried for weeks. 7 While Tabitha's loss is sad and heart-breaking, it is so poignant to see animals experience a deep, forever kind of love. We hope Tabitha still has a piece of Dundee Boy in her heart. He's always watching over his best kitty. Dundee Boy and Tabitha's story is an excerpt from a book, "Community Cats," by Anne E. Beall.
H/t via The Dodo
Featured image via Yvette M. Piña

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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