UPDATE: Dog Rescued With Mysterious Burns On His Face Still Faces Life Smiling

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 7, 2015

***Update 10/21/15***

Since Catcher the Wonder Dog moved to his foster home, he’s received his mom’s undivided attention. She makes sure to give him all his meds, meals, and love, and they’ve both been especially patient through the recovery process.

With lots of eye drops and gels, Catcher’s eye ulcer is healing quite well—he’s been a very good sport with the Cone of Shame, too.

catcher sleeping

The thing is, well, Catcher’s foster mom failed at one thing: being a foster. Because she is now officially the adoptive mother of this big, friendly boy, and he’ll never have to change homes again.


Congratulations, Catcher. We hope you make full use of those puppy-dog eyes.

***Original Story***

When the founder of A Purposeful Rescue, Hillary Rosen, received word that there was a dog in a neighboring shelter with severe burns on most of his face, she could not believe what she was seeing. The German Shepherd’s skin was literally peeling away, and its cause is a mystery.


This handsome fella is now called Catcher, and he has certainly made the best of a terrible situation. When Rosen first heard of his predicament, she told us, “You hope someone has a plan in place to get him out until you realize ‘Oh yes, I AM THAT PERSON!’ That’s rescue. You just move.”

catcher burns

Another of the pup’s rescue heroes, Janay, commented that after their quick car ride to the vet, the interior of her car “smelled like burnt flesh.” Without a physical examination, the pair had no idea if Catcher could even see with the burns around his eyes. The whole ordeal seemed to come straight out of a horror movie. A horror movie where the victim never stops wagging his tail, and hasn’t stopped since.

This will put a smile on your face! #catcherthewonderdog

Posted by A Purposeful Rescue on Monday, July 27, 2015

There is something magnetic about him. He’s just special. If he were a human he would be George Clooney-smart, handsome, likable, charismatic… everyone just adores him!

After a series of tests from the vet, the results came up negative for an auto-immune disease. Instead, the lab’s biopsy concluded Catcher’s burns were the result of some sort of “trauma.” No one knows what he might have endured, but his high spirits and goofy personality pull attention away from the how and help everyone focus on his recovery.

smiling catcher

Also, while vets determined that Catcher can see fine and there appeared to be no eye damage, they just recently discovered a rupturing ulcer in his right eye. He is undergoing surgery to fix the problem and should come out good as new.

Ultimately, Rosen said on Facebook:

[Catcher] is in the best of hands and we are so grateful for all the love and support we have received so far! It’s been a truly been a remarkable outpouring of love and support for this dude and he deserves every bit of it!

Right now, Catcher is headed to a foster home and is getting all the love and care he needs! If you’d like to donate to his medical funds, visit A Purposeful Rescue!

H/t Examiner, Featured Images via A Purposeful Rescue

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 7, 2015

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