SloMo Video Explains How Cats Always Land On Their Feet, But NOT How Dogs Refuse To Fail

Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

March 5, 2016

Well, there’s a first for everything. This motherpuppin’ cat video was just too motherpuppin’ cool not to share. So here’s some gratuitous cat love for all our cat lovers out there.

BUT! (There’s always a butt…)


But not without showcasing a few of the incredible things dogs can do. Sure cats are good at falling, but dogs don’t take pride in their mistakes like cats do.

So here are 5 amazing displays of dog-ness that defy scientific explanation:

1. Urinary Yoga


2. Core Strength


3. Half Pipe


4. “I climb it because it’s there.”


5. And yes, there’s a dog behind the wheel…


…okay so not really. But we bet a dog could!

Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

March 5, 2016