“Always Happy” Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Ring Ready To Be Adopted

Written by: Levity Tomkinson

February 9, 2016

Cecilia, a spritely ray of sunshine who graces the kennels of the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City, is looking for a family to call her own. Dana Ebbecke, Animal Behavior Counselor at the ASPCA Adoption Center, told BarkPost:

“[Cecilia’s] always been a happy dog…. It’s hard not to smile back when she starts beaming up at you!”

Cecilia in total doggie bliss as she receives one of her favorite things – a full body rubdown

It’s also Cecilia’s smile that Dana claims is this dog’s most charming attribute. Here at BarkPost, you’d find us hard-pressed to disagree.

"Oh, did you want more photos of my smile?" --- Cecilia

“Oh, did you want more photos of my smile? Do you want to adopt me yet?” – Cecilia

Besides the ASPCA volunteers telling Cecilia that the right family is out there just waiting to bring her home, something else makes this joyful girl break out into a smile – and probably a little wiggly butt dance that Pibbles seem to be famous for. This girl loves to shake her rump up and down the halls of the adoption center, running back and forth with her toys. Of course, BarkPost had to ask, “Which came first, Cecilia? The sock toy or the ball?”

Cecilia and two of her toys

Cecilia and two of her toys

BarkPost hasn’t received a definitive answer from Cecilia as it is reported that she is still trying to play with both toys at the same time.

Cecilia is an equal opportunity lover as both people and dogs are right up her alley. With all of Cecilia’s zest for life, she would do best in a home with teenagers and up. If in a multiple dog home, the other dogs should be able to show Cecilia the ropes on how to get used to having a family by doing things such as snuggling on the couch, learning to give puppy eyes so she can get extra treats, taking daily strolls through the neighborhood, learning how to not be the annoying little sister and offering up her belly for as many belly rubs as she can get before her humans’ hands develop carpal tunnel.  Cecilia thinks cats are a little too furry – and slightly weird. Hey, Cecilia, that’s okay – BarkPost is a dog website after all.

"You mean cats don't like butt scratchies? TOTAL weirdos!" --- Cecilia

“You mean cats don’t like butt scratchies? TOTAL weirdos!” – Cecilia

Rescued from a dogfighting ring is 2014, Cecilia is a survivor, and a very happy one at that. Cecilia is looking to join the ranks of other dogs who were also rescued from dogfighting rings who have proven time and again that they are simply dogs.


Cherry Garcia, a dog rescued from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, is a busy guy these days, attending movie premieres (for a documentary he stars in); palling around with his brother, Walker, a gigantic black cat; and working daily to promote a positive image for Pit Bull and Pit Bull-type dogs rescued from fighting rings. But perhaps Cherry’s most important job these days is always having the back of his little brother, Novi, and cuddling with his little sister, Rosalie.


Cherry doing what a Cherry does best – loving his family

Tillie, a sweet little brown dog who charmed the pants and the pearls off of everyone she met, was rescued from the second largest dogfighting ring in U.S. history. Tillie came home with Heather Gutshall, the mom of Handsome Dan, and immediately became an internet sensation with her very own hashtag, #TeamTille. Tillie passed away last year but not before leaving an incredible mark in the way only Tillie could.

Tillie and her mom, Heather, were a part of Pinups For Pitbulls 2016 calendar, the theme of which was “meant to educate the public and media about the challenges of traveling freely with your dog when it’s a [Pit] [B]ull-type.” Tillie also helped to enact a law in Rhode Island that now gives dogs rescued from fighting rings a second chance at life by being evaluated as individuals. Prior to this bill passing, any dog rescued from a fighting ring was automatically euthanized, even if they were a puppy. Just as Cherry loves his human siblings, Tillie was also a very proud and devoted big sister to Josephine.

Tillie and her little sister, Josephine, holding each other's hands and hearts

Tillie and her little sister, Josephine, holding each other’s hands and hearts

Jonny Justice, another dog rescued from Bad Newz Kennels, is a certified therapy dog who was previously involved in “Paws to Tales,” a library reading program where therapy dogs sit with children while they read aloud in order to build the child’s confidence and reading skills. Sadly, the librarian who ran this program unfairly discriminated against Jonny simply for being a “Pit Bull” and he was no longer allowed to be a part of this program. Jonny has carried on as his happy springy self, and even has a GUND stuffed animal made in his likeness (and yes, you can purchase it). To put the icing on top of the pooch-friendly cake, in 2014, Jonny was named ASPCA’s Dog of the Year.

Jonny Justice, from The Unexpected Pit Bull's 2011 calendar, showcasing how he would help children feel comfortable reading aloud

Jonny Justice, from The Unexpected Pit Bull‘s 2011 calendar, showcasing how he would help children feel comfortable reading aloud

It should be said that Cherry, Tillie and Jonny Justice either are or were extraordinary dogs; they had that special “something.” But in the end, the thing that helped give them their extraordinary lives was humans believing in their goodness and choosing to see them – and love them – simply as dogs.

Here at BarkPost, we want you to see Cecilia that way, too. Yes, she came from a background just like these other dogs. Yes, she is labeled as a tan and white Pit Bull. And yes, she is so darn cute that we may just have to run out and get loads of bubble wrap to pop to offset our cute aggression. Most of all, though, Cecilia is simply a dog who wants – and deserves – a home of her own.

If you think Cecilia is the one for you (and at this point, how can you not?), you can call the ASPCA’s Adoption Center at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120 for more information on adopting this beaming girl.

H/t AM New York
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Written by: Levity Tomkinson

February 9, 2016

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