This Celeb Bride Gave Her Pups The Coolest Wedding Present Ever

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were recently married in a small, quiet ceremony at their home in Los Angeles, and we’re really excited about it. Of course, we love Ms. Aniston with all our hearts, but ladies and gents, look at her DOGS.


White Shepherd Mix Dolly and Pit Bull Mix Sophie received more primping and pawmpering than their humans in preparation for the impending nuptials, courtesy of The Spa Dog.

These on-the-go groomers/masseuses/relaxation pawfessionals offer the gamut of luxuries, including massages, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy bathing for the pups that truly need a day off.

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According to Aniston, her dogs “got the works,” and de-stressed properly before this particularly high-stress event. The Spa Dog explains the doggie massages are great for:

“loosen[ing] the fibers of the muscles while releasing the deeply held patterns of tension for your pet. Especially important for animals with achy muscles, arthritis, and joint issues.”

Plus, there’s a jet-equipped tub that removes loose hair and dead skin to keep your pup fluffy and healthy.

I’d bet a whole box of dog treats these mutts had all the stresses of a dog’s life massaged gently out of them by warm, underwater jets.

Still no word on whether they received paw balm and polish, but our hopes are high.

Featured Image via Circus of the Stars Celebrities and Their Rescue Dogs

h/t E Online.

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago