7 Ways To Celebrate Your Best Friend On National Dog Day

In case you missed it, today is National Dog Day!!! How can you celebrate your pup on this most-important holiday? Here are a couple of ways you can let your BFF know that they mean the world to you. 1. Go play outside! Frolic in the fresh air with your dog. There are games galore that you can play; try something new and you'll both be glad you did. dog-with-frisbee 2. Treats treats treeeeeeats!!! There are options out there for every kind of pup, from those seeking a shinier coat to those on a diet. oscar-venison 3. Chews, toys, and chew toys. Heavy chewer or gentle nibbler, active go-getter or couch tater---give your dog something to have fun with. corgiskeptical-chew 3. Hugs and kisses and snuggles, oh my. Give 'em a squeeze and let them slobber all they want today. It's good for your health! Newfoundland-Dog-Gives-Hugs 4. Extreme doghouse makeover. Or not-so-extreme. There are lots of small modifications you can make at home to pupgrade your dog's quality of life. Dog-House1 5. Indulge in a guilty pleasure. No dog shaming today! It's the perfect time to hit the drive-thru for a burger or some ice cream! hello-society-com1-618x380 6. Make them Internet famous. Start by sharing their adorableness on BarkFeed! barkfeedf5XKSqm 7. Adopt or foster. Make a new friend today, and help save a dog in need. therono-DOG-HUG-900 Not possible to do any of these things today? Here's an official apawlogy you can use to make it up to them. natldogday_warmleads_email_final
Featured image via koloish

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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