The SATO Project Will Be Hosting Its BIGGEST FLIGHT EVER! And We Get To Be A Part Of It!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2020

After months of waiting due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, SATO project, an animal rescue for dogs in Puerto Rico, will be hosting its largest trip of dogs to the US and we are SO excited to be one of their sponsors! This trip will take place on 4th of July and consist of two flights with a total of 250 dogs, making for a perfect dog’s independence day. 

BARK has been a long time partner with SATO project, volunteering with things like their spay-a-thon, donating toys and helping out with trips like this in the past. When we heard about their upcoming “Freedom Flight”, we knew it was something we’d like to be a part of. Many of these dogs have been adopted already and are waiting for this flight to meet their new families. Other pups will be scooped up from the now nearly empty shelters in Florida, 

So many of these dogs have success stories that are so inspiring and we want to  highlight one specific dog. 

This skinny guy is Champ.

When Champ was brought to SATO in late December, he was in a state that broke everyone’s heart. He weighed a teeny 36 lbs,  he was malnourished and severely dehydrated. Immediately, the people at SATO brought him to an emergency care vet where he was hooked up to an IV.  In addition to this, they discovered he had a TVT,  a treatable form of cancer, but due to his fragile state he had to have a much gentler method of treatment.

Two days after he was brought in, Champ showed how fitting his name was by getting to the point where he was eating and drinking all on his own and the SATO folks were able to take him off of his IV, a Christmas miracle! These were the first steps in his long journey to recovery.

Over the course of the next few months with some good old-fashioned TLC, Champ was able to put on 14lbs bringing him up to 50lbs which was enough to allow his spunky personality to start shining through.

Throughout this whole journey, SATO was sharing Champ’s story and progress with their followers. Thanks to the help of SATO project and these updates, Champ has now been adopted into his forever home and he will be one of the dogs on this freedom flight whose family is waiting for him on the other side. 

We will continue to update this article with the rest of Champ’s story as it unfolds! Stay tuned for some of the best news. 

Thanks to the SATO project for letting us be a part of your incredible work, be sure to follow them on Instagram as they help deserving dogs find homes!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2020