Survivor of Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack Is Now Heartbreaking Mascot: Lila, the Cocker Spaniel

The Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris, France, horrified people around the world. Amongst the utter devastation left behind by the terrorists was Lila, the company Cocker Spaniel who somehow managed to survive the shooting.

Image via The Daily Mail
Image via The Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, Lila was very well loved by the Charlie Hebdo staff and visitors. The Mail also said that the day of the attack, she was with her favorite cartoonist, Jean Cabut, who was sadly one of the victims killed by the gunmen.

In the face of adversity and tragedy, Lila has become Charlie Hebdo‘s mascot, even wearing a ribbon round her neck with the now viral solidarity slogan, “Je Suis Charlie.”

In a moving interview with French newspaper, Le Monde, Sigolène Vinson, Charlie Hebdo’s crime reporter and shooting survivor recounted details of that day.

Image via
Image via Le Monde

“As I lay there, not sure if they were really gone, shots rang out in the distance, in the street. And then I heard Lila with her tiny steps.”

She says that Lila went from room to room trying to find her fallen comrades.

The French satirical newspaper put out their first edition since the attacks this morning. It instantly sold out of 5 million copies, and its distributor had to rush print an additional 2 million to keep up with the demand. Prior to the attacks, Charlie Hebdo had a weekly circulation of about 60,000.

Our thoughts and hearts are with Lila, the surviving Charlie Hebdo staff members and those grieving in Paris!

H/t The Daily Mail, Le Monde and Time

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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