Homeless Dog Undergoes Incredible Transformation, Becomes Police Pup

Meet Charlie. Previously, the pup was owner surrendered because his human could no longer for him. With no home or humans to care for him, the pup ended up at a shelter. The pup’s uncanny desire to sniff and play search games made the rescue network realize he needed much more than an average home. Charlie was placed with the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police to learn how to become a drugs, cash and weapons detection dog.

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Soon, Charlie completed training courses to learn how to sniff out a range of illegal substances – including heroin, cocaine, cannabis and cash and learned with ease. Charlie trainer, PC Jason Keir, feels that the pup was meant to be as service dog.

In six weeks, Charlie passed his courses and joined other pups on the sniffin’ trail. His handler, Jason Keir says: “He picked up everything we taught him so quickly and he has such a natural drive to go and search. We’re really lucky to have him on the team.”

Charlie with PC Jason Keir.
Charlie with PC Jason Keir.

Charlie is working alongside his handlers to help out in drug and money laundering cases. This pup’s important role will add to the powerful image of rescue dogs. Keir states: “We’re so proud of Charlie, he’s such a great ambassador for rescue dogs and has shown how amazing they can be.”

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Featured image via This Is West Country and H/t via Mid Devon Star

Stephanie Valente

7 years ago