13 Hysterical Animations That Accurately Capture A Dog Person’s Life

Let's be honest, as dog people we're our own unique breed. Our lives practically revolve around these furry, sweet, crazy tail-waggers. If you're a dog person reading this and nodding along, you'll also agree with me when I say that there are some things that only people like us will understand. Take for example, that sense of total dread we feel the minute we realize we forgot to bring poop bags. Or that wonderful feeling you get when your dog runs to you for protection from the nasty vacuum cleaner. We did some digging and managed to capture a bunch of unique dog people things in the charts and graphs below. Peruse at your leisure. We've got tons more coming. :) 1.The-bed-situation 2.Pyramid-of-dog-love 3.Instagram 4.Dog People Online 5.heart-title 6.poop 7.excuses-with-title 8.Whats Inside Pocket 9.Swag-Scale spent 11.brain 12.holidays 13.Friends-circle

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago